Sponsorship: The Gift of Education


School is a privilege that the developed world has come to consider as a right. Sometimes, even as a burden. In the developing world the chance to go to school is gift, high school a major achievement, college an absolute dream come true.

~ International Peace Initiatives Organization

What does the opportunity to receive a quality education mean to those struggling just to get by in the developing world? The gift of education is invaluable to a child living in extreme poverty; in fact, the gift of education is truly the gift of hope for a brighter future. Through our partner organizations and with the support of our most generous supporters and sponsors, Arrive proudly pays to enable a number of deserving students to attend both primary level (grades 1 - 8) an secondary level (grades 9 - 12) boarding schools across Kenya. We truly believe that a quality education is the best way to end the cycle of poverty and empower a student to live a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. Please remember that many of these students do not yet have sponsors, and there are countless additional students who deserve the opportunity to study. You can make a difference in their lives. Click here to discover the incredible and mutual benefits of sponsoring a student and empowering him/her to excel! Now, to just a FEW of our star students studying away from home...

Grace, Edinah, and Claire

Grace (left) and Claire (right) are sophomores at Nyamagwa Girls High School in Igare, west Kenya. Edinah (center) followed this year as an incoming freshman in January. Nyamagwa is a beautiful school (I have been there a number of times) and holds the students to high academic standards. While Grace and Claire have each lost one parent, both of Edinah's parents died when she was young. Before living at the KRCH, Edinah was forced to reside in her grandmother's one-room mud hut with no electricity or running water.  She was as well forced to take care of her younger siblings and cousins - a task so strenuous that she could not attend school. Now, she has joined Grace and Claire as a proud high school student! While Grace's generous sponsor lives in California, USA, and Claire is sponsored by the students of an all-girls high school in New York, USA, Edinah does not yet have a sponsor. Please email us for more information if you are interested in sponsoring Edinah!


Brian Manoti comes from the village of Boruma, where he walked a long distance everyday to attend Emmanuel Lights Academy primary school. He lost his father at an early age, and his mother was very absent throughout his childhood. He desperately begged for a chance to live at the KRCH so he could, in his own words, "have an opportunity to study and excel in school." He was given that opportunity and thrived - so much so that he regularly led his class with the top scores in all of their exams. After graduating from Standard 8 (8th grade), Brian was admitted into prestigious secondary school where he is now a freshman. While Arrive completely pays for his education, Brian does not yet have a sponsor. He is one of the most hard-working children I've ever known and very deserving of a sponsor who is ready to build a life-long relationship and empower him to build his own future!


Deborah is of the Maasai tribe and comes from a small rural village in Maasailand called Dukamoja. Deborah's father died when she was a baby and her mother, not being able to care for Deborah, ruthlessly abandoned her (still a baby) in a corn field. Luckily, village elders found Deborah and returned her to her grandmother, Eunice. Eunice cared for Deborah and her siblings the best she could, but when we first met Deborah through a mutual friend, she was in need of help. She was malnourished, had multiple illnesses including a skin disease, and not attending school. During her two years at the KRCH, Deborah became a new person - healthy, lively, studious, and happy. After a mutual decision for Deborah to attend a school closer to her ancestral home was made, she entered Father Nyatayia Jubilee (primary) School in Maasailand. Deborah is mature enough now so that during school breaks, she is able to help care for her younger brothers and sisters back in Dukamoja. Arrive is extremely lucky to work with Reverse The Course to financially support Deborah's education.

Elizabeth, Fedria, Byron, and Collince

These four deserving students come from in and around Uriri, Kenya - the site of Arrive's second childrens home, the Light Home of Hope - in the heart of Luoland, Kenya. They make up a group of both vulnerable children and orphans, coming from various backgrounds but beating the odds to excel and graduate from Light School Uriri (run by one of our amazing partner organizations, Light Uriri). Elizabeth, Fedria, Byron, and Collince proved their determination to succeed and now attend Kadika Girls, Sironga Girls, St. Joseph Rapogi Boys, and Kanyawanga Boys, respectively. Arrive fully supports their education but none of these hardworking students have a sponsor who they can call a role model. Please be that sponsor!

Evans, David, and Astarico

Evans, David, and Astarico have been supported by Arrive for almost three years. While all are former street children, each has an individual chilling and heartbreaking story. Evans was peer pressured at a young age to sniff toxic glue (which he became addicted to), snort cocaine, and had to escape from jail in Nairobi as a young boy. David, who is only 15 years old now, lived on the street for nine years. Astarico was the unwanted consequence of his mother's profession - prostitution - and never knew his father. Astarico's mother left him on a crowded street when he was only three years old and disappeared - eventually dying from HIV/AIDS. After over two years in traditional primary school with Arrive and after much discussion, it was mutually agreed that these three pupils continue their studies at a polytechnic institution. Evans (pictured above), David, and Astarico now attend Uriri Polytechnic, where they are admitted in a two year course in Motor Vehicle Mechanics.

Bakuu and Shaggy

These two residents of the Light Home of Hope may not be students per se, but they certainly contribute to the students' wellbeing and happiness! Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.) generously sponsors our pups in Kenya! C.A.R.E. an American non-profit organization based in Colorado which is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets by successfully transporting them to approved reduces and adoptive homes. To read more about C.A.R.E. and their amazing work, along with their commitment to finacially support Bakuu and Shaggy as Bakuu and Shaggy emotionally support the children of Arrive, just click here! I could not be more proud of my Aunt Linda and her amazing friend Lisa for starting and operating C.A.R.E. - they have moved over 26,000 pets to safety. Linda and Lisa, Bakuu and Shaggy say "WOOF!"