Nell, Towls, and Kamau

Between the holidays, the new year, and the start of school, everyone here in Kenya hasn’t had a minute to rest (or in my case, write a blog post). For a full recap of the past few weeks, please click here, an awesome blog from our latest Arrive volunteer Nell. She is doing great work like teaching at school, giving all the children their first ever towels so they can dry themselves after bathing in the river, and finding sponsors to send some of the village girls to secondary school. But her biggest accomplishment has been to rescue a small boy named Kamau from the street of Nairobi (Kawangware) and bring him back to the Keumbu Rehema Childrens Home. Their inspiring story can be found here <- Read This!!  Kamau, Nell, myself, and all of the children are doing well and looking forward to more big things from the Arrive team coming soon!