42 Tribes Under 1 Roof

Most Americans know that Africa is plagued with many troublesome issues. From starvation to HIV/AIDS, Kenya is no different. But what seperate Kenya is the influence of tribalism and ethnic conflicts. Did you know that there are 42 tribes in Kenya, with 42 different languages? When tribes fight each other, entire families are slaughtered and mass killings occur.  Ethnic conflict is a huge issue in Kenya because most people have the following idea implanted into their heads: it is impossible to live peacefully with all the other tribes besides my own. Well I am here to prove that idea wrong. One of my most important, most unique, and most awesome goals for Arrive is this: have at least one orphan child from each tribe in Kenya living at the Keumbu Rehema Children's Home. Not only would the diversity be good for the children, but it would send a message to everyone in Kenya and around the world. If 42 children from 42 different tribes can live together peacefully under the same roof, why can't adults? Its very simple - I am not trying to lessen tribal pride or anything like that, but to show that tribal violence has no place in today's society.  I truly feel this message can resonate throughout Kenya and the world, making this one of my most passionate goals to achieve.

So far, we have five tribes represented: Kisii, Luo, Kalenjin, Giriama, and Kikuyu [Update April 2014: additional tibes include Maasai, Kuria, Luyha] . But this is only the beginning. People have told me already that misxing tribes would lead to conflicts at home; yet no such conflicts have occured. We are the first and only orphanage in Kenya with this unique goal. Please help me to show the people of Kenya the change they never believed could happen; that tribalism can end; all steming from a small orphanage in rural western highlands.

Please remember that in order for Arrive and Fariji Volunteers to adopt more children, we must expand our living infastructure and pay for food, school supplies, medical costs, etc. All donations are tax deductible! Please help us reach this monumental goal of 42 tribes under one roof, and thank you for the continued support.