Joining the Arrive Administrative Team

The Arrive Administrative Team is made up of two bodies: the Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors. Both work integrally with each other and with the staff of our partner local organizations in Kenya.

The Board of Directors is requires more time, knowledge, and responsibility. The Board of Directors is smaller, has voting power, and has ultimate discretion on Arrive matters.

The Board of Advisors has less time commitment and less responsibility. The Board of Advisors is for people who wish to use their certain skills to help Arrive - in other words, doing what you’re best and what you like doing to help our organization. Examples are: a marketer who wants to help with sending donor newsletters, a teacher who advises us on best education practices, a publisher who can edit content before we send it out, a college student majoring in international aid who communicates, directly with local Kenyan staff, or a web designer who offers his/her expertise when needed. The Board of Advisors is a voluntary position. All of our Board of Directors members once started on the Board of Advisors.

Responsibilities include: 1) Be knowledgeable about Arrive, our mission, progress, and ongoing projects, 2) Be responsive, ready, and willing to voice honest feedback (praise and critique) regarding ideas, concepts, and plans, 3) Spread awareness (speaking, sharing, fundraising, etc), 4) Find more donors and potential Advisory Board members, 5) Use your specific skills to further Arrive’s goals and mission, 5) Be present for the Arrive quarterly conference calls, and 5) ENGAGE with the rest of the Arrive team.

Our goal is to keep the Board of Advisors engaged, active, and passionate about Arrive’s mission. We know that with your help, support, and expertise, Arrive will be steered in the best direction and taken to the next level. This will ultimately enable us, together, to empower more orphans and street children, further sustainable practices, grow as an organization, and accomplish every objective that we set. 

Joining the Advisory Board enables you to gain experience with a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, working directly with our own team as well as staff of an international non-profit organization. Not just anyone can join the Board of Advisors but if you are interested, please send us an email at!

Thank you!


Board of Directors